How do I cancel my membership?

Anders Sep-24th, 2017 23:59 0 0

Cancelling your membership is easy and convenient.

After you've cancelled you'll still have access to the website for the entire time you paid for until the billing cycle ends. 

Cancelling your account simply stops future charges. 

Website access will not be denied after your subscription period has ended, however you will have limited access to our content.

You can simply send us a ticket at and we will perform the cancellation for you.

NOTE: You should cancel at least 24 hours ahead of the schedule billing date (Date/Time will be in EST) so that there is enough time to process your cancellation.

Alternatively, you can cancel your membership directly on the respective billing processors website. 

Please look up your billing confirmation email in order to find your subscription and user data in order to look up your account:


If you joined and were billed by, please cancel at - or call from the US: 1-800-893-8871 or Internationally: +1-310-664-5810


If you joined and were billed by CCBILL, please cancel at or call: +1.888.596.9279


If you joined and were billed by, please cancel at or call Toll Free from your country. 

For a list of phone numbers please click here:


If  you joined  and were billed by Segpay, you can cancel your membership on their cancellation site here:

If you have trouble cancelling please call the Billing company or file a ticket by clicking NEW TICKET, providing as much information as possible so we can locate your membership.


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